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Pristine Filtration, Inc. has been producing activated carbon filters for over two decades.  

Pristine  was the first company in China to produce Diatomaceous Earth filters, and the only one to use European Diatomaceous Earth, upholding the highest of standards.  We are wholesalers of emergency water filtration products with the intention to affordably provide the highest quality filters for emergency, outdoors & personal use.

To filter existing water sources is a much more sustainable and effective way to provide safe drinking water than using bottled water, which is wasteful, expensive, can have questionable origins; and is easier and more thorough than boiling, reverse osmosis, pump filters and tablet methods of sanitation. Our filters can be reused several times before needing to be replaced, depending on the severity of pollutants in the source water. We guarantee the highest quality on the market, and easy answers to a big question: What about water???

  Pristine Filtration's Bucket Filter was used in Haiti to relieve the clean water shortage caused by the 2010 earthquake, as reported by CNN World News.
"The need for adequate, inexpensive and safe drinking water is paramount in controlled as well as austere environments. As the former First Reconnaissance Battalion Surgeon I completely understand how important and mission essential it is to have safe and plentiful sources of water. After reading the water reports on the Pristine filters and seeing the filters in action in Haiti, I feel confident that these filters can offer a huge advantage to any organization, in any environment, that needs clean water in a cost effective and reproducible manner."
 -Reagan Anderson, DO MPH MCS
First Reconnaissance Battalion Surgeon (Former)


Free Samples!
 We continue to make clean water available to those most in need by helping organizations whose purpose it is to help others.  
Free samples are available for non-profit organizations.  
To receive your sample, please fill out the information on the Contact Us page and tell us what you do!

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Also check out the Spring Roll, which is a portable water filter that can easily be used anywhere!  The Spring Roll is perfect for camping, hunting or any number of situations when a safe drinking water source is unavailable. The Spring Rolls are available in 4 different colors: Blue, Yellow, Camo, & Black.

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