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1.     7 times faster flow rate than most water filtration systems.  Recipient of the system will not have to wait for a long time before enjoying their first
glass of clean drinking water.
2.     Running boiling water through the system every 1-2 weeks would inhibit bacteria growth and eliminate the chance of activated carbon odor.        
No chemicals or bleach need to be used.
3.     Greatly cuts down management and sourcing costs since all parts are included and are designed for simple assembly.  Upon arrival of the bucket   
system, one or two people are needed to teach and supervise the assembly work of local volunteers.
4.     Decreases warehousing and shipping costs since complete units are purchased and then packed into new or used ocean containers (which customers
may keep) and stored at  supplier's yard or container yard of main shipping ports in China.  The containers are ready to be shipped out directly to a disaster area when needed.

1.     English ceramic technology plus European raw material (80+%).
2.     Every ceramic filter is pressure checked to insure there is no leakage.
3.     Lightweight, yet durable.  Every part is well-designed and inspected for high quality.
4.     Ceramic cups are not pressed to allow for good flow rate.  Anything larger than 0.7 microns is guaranteed to not pass through.
5.     Economical. 

1.     Activated Carbon will first treat your Tap, Stream, Rain and Well-water and decrease the coloration and odor.
 2.     7 Ceramic Filters (Filter down to 0.7 Microns) will give you the FLOW RATE so you would not die of thirst.
 3.     Should the A/C filter start to smell or you suspect that it is contaminated, just pour boiling water through it to kill the bugs.  You can still drink this water after it has gone through the ceramic filter.
4.     Longevity: a new Ceramic Filter will consist of 400+ layers which can filter out substances larger than 0.7 Microns. In other words, one can drink this water without having to worry that they will get sick due to contamination in water.
5.     NGOs which buys this type of filtering system can expect the following:
         A.  Save 90+% on labor and management cost. 
         B.  Save 90+% on Storage.  *****When you purchase a container load and the container, we                 shall pack the filter and all their parts in it and store them a contracted storage near the                 port for less than $20.00 per month for a 20 foot container or $35.00 for 40 ft container.
         C.  Upon notification, we shall ship out the container(s) to a port closest to the disaster area              with Freight to Collect.
***Upon arrival at the disaster area, you would need to dispatch one supervisor to get to the site              to teach the local people  to assemble and distribute.  It is that simple. 
6.     So, based on #5, you would be saving not only on Men-power,  but all the expenses associated with the filtration system.  In summary, you are saving on SOURCING, DESIGNING, STORAGE AND MANAGEMENT.  At US$33.00 per unit, FOB China, these wonderful units should save your organization lots and make your life easy.
 7.     With 7 Ceramic Filters in the system, you can be sure that the flow rate increased tremendously.  No more waiting for you and anyone to get a drink.
8.     Ceramic filters can be cleaned many times to increase flow rate for many years.  All you need to do is to sand it with a very fine sandpaper to get rid of the plugged up pores and expose new one.

AND ALL PARTS FOR ONLY $30.00 each, 

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