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Ceramic water filterBucket Filter
TheBucket Filteris both economical and practical for camping, disaster relief, survivalist preparation, home or business use.  
 A small dome-shaped ceramic filter, the Bucket Filter is mounted inside a bucket or other such container and the clean water drains into a second container underneath.  The filters are small and easy to transport to any location, where one needs only two containers and a means to drill or poke a small drainage hole into the first one. 
These filters have been a favorite of missionaries and humanitarians who have introduced them to users after Hurricane Katrina, in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya and Mombasa.  Please see our Home page to view CNN's coverage of our Bucket Filters in action!

ceramic water filter in a bucket 

This system is set up in a restaurant in Colombia.

To Use a Pristine Bucket Filter:
  1. Drill a 10 mm hole in the bottom center of one bucket.
  2. Unscrew nut cap from the drainage tube at the bottom of your filter.
  3. Place filter inside the drilled bucket, with the threaded outlet tube poking down through the hole.
  4. Replace the nut cap, securing the filter in place.
  5. Mount the bucket containing the filter on top of the second bucket.
  6. Place pre-filter sock over the ceramic dome.
  7. Flush for approximately ten minutes for first time use.
  8. Water that drains into the bottom bucket will be clean and safe to drink!

The following is a step by step instructional video on how to set up a bucket filter system by Nathan Terrell of the Pure Water Project:

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Water filter how to
A simple instruction video for how to build a basic water filter system. valves can be bought from Aquadew. The email address is The buckets can be found at Home Depot. Fil...

To Clean:
  1. Remove pre-filter sock and wash with soap and water, rinsing thoroughly.
  2. Disassemble the filtering unit, removing the filter from the bucket.
  3. The ceramic dome can be wiped with a soft abrasive such as fine sandpaper or wool cloth.
  4. Reassemble into cleaned buckets and the filter should be as good as new!

Dimensions:  4" x 4"
Weight:  14.3 ounces
Filters and filter socks sold separately.
Buckets and tools are not included at this time.


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