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We are very happy to announce a new product from Pristine Filtration, the Spring Roll portable filter!
Each Spring Roll consists of two ceramic and activated carbon filters with pre-filter socks. These are inside a sturdy, water-proof and food grade bag with an outlet for filtered water. One needs only to fill the bag with unfiltered water, hang the bag to let gravity do the work, and out comes potable water. No tablets, no pumps, no assembly required.
Components are washable for increased longevity of your filter, replaceable, and the whole unit is lightweight and easy to transport.
The Spring Roll is a perfect solution for many, many situations in which potable water is a concern.
 To Use:
  1. Hang the Spring Roll using the threaded straps from a sturdy support structure, such as a tree branch or well-anchored hook. 
  2. Pour up to three gallons of unfiltered water into the opening at the top of the Spring Roll.
  3. For first time use, flush the Spring Roll for five to ten minutes before drinking.
  4. Clean and safe drinking water will be produced at a rate of approximately ten gallons per hour once the filters are saturated and with consistent water pressure.
  5. When not in use, make sure all components of the Spring Roll are cleaned and allowed to dry completely to prevent mold and other pollutants from growing. 

To Clean:
  1. Unscrew outflow nozzle from the bottom exterior of the Spring Roll
  2. Gently remove filtering unit from the bag.
  3. Remove the cylindrical plastic encasement from the dual filtering units.
  4. Remove pre-filter socks and wash gently in soapy water.  Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Ceramic filter domes can be twisted off and rubbed clean with a lightly abrasive material such as fine sandpaper or a new dish sponge.
  6. All plastic parts and the bag itself can be cleaned with a cloth and soapy water. 
  7. Rinse off and reassemble.  Your Spring Roll will be as good as new!

Compacted Dimensions:  11"Length x 3" Diameter when rolled up
Full Size: 14.5" Wide x 19" High x 3+" Deep
Dry Weight:  1 Lb, 10 ounces
Contains two replaceable filters, two pre-filter socks, protective casing, hangable, roll-up bag, 30" vinyl tubing and cap.
*Please know that Spring Rolls are available to ship NOW in all colors!

Please ask about our bulk and wholesale prices!
We offer free samples to non-profit organizations, asking only the cost of shipping and handling be paid.  To place a request, please fill out the customer list form on the Contact Us page and mention this offer in the message box.  

First time buyers WILL receive a discount on a case of
20 Spring Rolls!

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