PRISTINE FILTRATION, INC. - Making clean water possible for Anyone, Anywhere
Our water filters use a simple, 4 Stage process:
  • Washable pre-filter socks catch the largest particles and greatly extend the lives of the encased ceramic filters. 
  • Ceramic filters made of diatomaceous earth prevent anything larger than 0.7 microns from penetrating the filter when it is new. 

  • The ceramic contains silver, which is a natural bactericide. 

  • Encased in the ceramic is high-grade Granular Activated Carbon. GAC has a vast pore structure that has enough surface area to adsorb numerous organic and inorganic compounds and impurities from contaminated water.  Activated Carbon is very effective in eliminating unpleasant tastes, odors and color.

Pathogen                                                Disease/illness
Giardia lamblia  à                                     Giardiasis
*Our filters will not remove viruses due to their extremely small size, and are not capable of desalinization.
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